Onsite Services for Corporate, Groups & Fleet Owners


Time is Money, don't waste your precious time or your employees time driving to the car wash or detailing shop and waiting around.  We customize our services around the specific needs of corporate, group, fleet and non-profit organizations.  Image is everything, and driving a clean vehicle is an extension of yourself and your organization.    


Our ONSITE (at your place) service is the perfect complementary value-added service for office buildings & complexes, commercial & residential parking garages & parking lots, property management firms, mixed-use real estate developments, shopping malls, condominiums & apartment complexes, country clubs & golf organizations, communities, universities & schools, charitable events, religious institutions, and miscellaneous events.     

We work 7-days a week and we can clean vehicles weekly, biweekly, or at other intervals that fit your needs.  Our services are perfect for real estate agents/brokers, sales personnel, field service personnel, contractors, service-related organizations, cleaning & maid service companies, delivery service companies, couriers, and other companies that are out in the field.    


We can customize detailing programs based on your specific corporate needs and/or based on each individual vehicle lessee/owner.  Protect your investment for leased and privately-owned vehicles - you'll increase the resale or trade-in value when the exterior and interior is well-maintained.  Executives, managers, sales & field service personnel are an extension of your corporate identity when on the road, make them shine. 


Our services are perfect for home owner associations (HOAs), property management firms, car clubs, community organizations, neighborhood associations, religious organizations, recreational clubs, technical organizations, plus many more. 


Managing a fleet of vehicles is a daunting task.  A multitude of water & environmental restrictions, chemical runoff, federal/state/municipality compliance, strict EPA regulations, reclamation, and time constraints must be addressed.  Our comprehensive fleet management solutions solve these challenges and it's good Public Relations (PR) to deploy green/eco friendly strategies. 


Car washes have long been staple fundraisers, but persistent Texas drought conditions, water restrictions, and concerns about contaminating the water system now prohibit car wash fundraisers.  Not only is our "waterless" & eco friendly solution compliant with local, state, and federal authorities, but your organization can feel good about holding an environmentally responsible car wash fundraiser.  

Our "waterless" solution only uses about 6-ounces of water per car wash.  "Traditional" car wash methods such as the good ole' hose and bucket or commercial car wash uses between 40 to 150 gallons of water to wash a car.  If an organization washed 100 cars during a fundraiser event, that would save at least 4,000 gallons of water - this is literally conserving tons of water.